One rainy Friday evening in April 2015, Shashi was discovered having rolled down an embankment and struggling against the current of a swelling stream. Her panicked barks attracted the attention of a passerby who quickly helped the frightened dog to safety. As she lay shivering on the pavement, muddy water trickling down her fur, her rescuer noticed one hind leg hanging limp and broken.

Embark received a call in June, 2014 of a dog who was in danger of being shot in Kiribathgoda. He was growling at passersby and neighborhood dogs and had been beaten severely by the time we rescued him.

Track was rescued from the Welipenna service station along the Galle Highway in April, 2015. 

 He was emaciated and without any fur but with care and treatment, he grew to be a beautiful dog.

Nick and Trisha, two diving instructors moved to Unawatuna last year. They noticed a scruffylooking dog who had no fur roaming around the premises. They contacted us and we went all the way to Unawatuna to pick this guy up.

Raggy was a rescue pup from Ragama with multiple fractures on her legs.

A careless driver had knocked her down and driven off leaving this little girl helpless and in pain. Due to the severity of her injuries, surgeons were unable to save Raggy’s leg, which was amputated. As she was still young, Raggy quickly grew accustomed to life on three legs and is a spirited dog who doesn’t miss a beat. 

Puppy girl was rescued by Needra and brought to us for treatment. She had a spinal cord compression caused by an accident which caused her to have difficulty walking.

After months of physiotherapy by our dedicated vet team, she was able to stand on her feet once again.

We were informed about Marcus by Deepthi, who fed him daily. Marcus had begun to develop a growth on his hind leg which later turned out to be a cancerous wound. He was picked up and treated at hospital where he underwent surgery to remove the growth.

Lotus is from the University of Visual and Performing Arts. A student at the university informed us that her eye was bleeding, swollen and popping out. We immediately took her to the vet and surgically removed the eye as it was beyond repair.

Kalu was rescued by a kind lady in Maharagama. He had a huge wound on the front leg and wanted our support with the treatment. She was brought to the clinic in pain and discomfort. Due to the damage on the leg the vets decided to amputate the leg.

Choco was rescued from Rukmalgama with an injured hind leg which had to be amputated. Niru Liyanarchchi informed us about this girl who was their community dog and cared for by a number of people. 

Rescued from Panagoda, Broony aka Pana, was brought with a deep wound on the ear which was maggot infested. He appeared to be a dog who previously had a home and had been abandoned, most likely due to his injury.

We were informed about Boris by Janey of WECare Worldwide who had seen him on the streets of Matara with a chronic injury on his right paw, probably due to a road traffic accident.

Rukshan set out to rescue Boris with the help of Janey.

A bullet lodged in her spine, Ally came to us defeated and struggling to walk. Her hind legs were found to have been completely paralyzed and feet injured due to her unsuccessful attempts to walk. However, over the two years that she has been with us, Ally has changed dramatically and now walks with the help of a cart.