Yarl Animal Protection Project - Jaffna

The Yarl Animal Protection Project began in July 2014 with the goal of eradicating rabies, controlling stray dog overpopulation and creating a healthy and safe environment for dogs and communities in the Jaffna Municipal Area. The project is co-funded by Fondation Brigitte Bardot, TAPA Sri Lanka, Dogstar Foundation and Embark. All field clinics were organized in close coordination with the JMC staff, veterinarians, and the local MoH and PHIs.

A pre-intervention dog population survey was carried out in March 2014, in close partnership with local PHIs. 06 of 47 GS Divisions ranging in sizes and populations were selected as a representative sample. A team of vets and handlers were deployed in partnership with local PHIs, who carried out a comprehensive, physical dog count within the selected GS divisions. Findings from the survey estimate the Jaffna Municipal area to have a roaming dog population of 4,300. Figures from the Municipal Council’s vaccination program also indicate an owned dog population of 7,000. The project targets sterilization and vaccination for 70% of owned and roaming dogs.   

As at February 2015, the program had sterilized 832, vaccinated 889 and treated 488 owned and street dogs in the Jaffna Municipal Council.

The project has benefitted greatly by the committed involvement of community organization members, JMC technical officers and JMC handlers. They have helped select and set-up appropriate locations for field clinics, ensured access to electricity and water, and have arranged for community announcements to be carried out on a regular basis. JMC handlers have also worked alongside the veterinary team, helping educate the community, catching roaming dogs, and supporting release after surgery.

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