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Maharagama Field Clinic

Initiated In November 2011, the Maharagama Project targets the entirety of the Maharagama DS division. The project focuses on the stray dog population and rabies control via surgical sterilisation and comprehensive anti-rabies vaccination coverage. This is supported by an education programme which focuses on creating awareness and educating the public; nurturing responsible pet ownership and encouraging communities to sterilise and regularly vaccinate owned dogs.

An intitative by Embark and TAPA, all activities are carried out in collaboration and consultation with local Public Health Inspectors (PHIs) and office of the Medical Officer of Health (Government representative of the Department of Health Services).

Since its inception in November 2011, the project has completed the targeted 70% vaccination of all owned and roaming dogs (achieving up to 81%). To date, a total of 2,005 sterilisations, 18,183 vaccinations and 4,701 treatments have been carried out on animals for contractable diseases like TVTs or mange. The team has also worked in local schools, creating awareness on the dangers of rabies, and educating primary and secondary level students on dog-bite prevention and responsible pet ownership.