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Aranayake Relief Support

Embark, together with Best Care Animal Hospital carried out a vaccination and treatment program in Aranayake from the 21st to the 27th of July. The programme was funded by the Foundation Brigitte Bardot. The team was able to vaccinate 2000 plus owned and roaming street dogs and provide treatment for more than 200. We are thankful to the government officials - The Regional Director of Health Services, The MOH and the PHI's - of the area, for supporting us in making the programme a success.

Flood Rescues

Sri Lanka experienced a torrential downpour on the 15th of May, which left many parts of the country adversely affected: houses destroyed, lives lost and people and animals stranded. While the army personnel worked on rescuing the people, Embark, Best Care Animal Hospital and a few other rescue organisations worked on saving the lives of animals. We were able to rescue 35 dogs and pups. They were later reunited with their owners.

Chillaw CNVR Programme

A catch-neuter-vaccination program was held on the 27th of October in Chilaw to sterilise and vaccinate street and community dogs in the area. The programme, organised by Mr Thalangama with Embark’s support vaccinated and sterilized 20 dog and provided medical treatment for two dogs. CNVR programmes ensure that street and community dogs remain healthy and happy as do the communities they live in. The veterinary partner for the programme was Best Care Animal Hospital.