Panda : One Puppy’s Story of Survival

Little Panda shot to fame among Embark fans after she was rescued at just two weeks of age. Panda and her three siblings were found huddled around their dead mother, who had been hit and killed by a passing car in Mathugama. The puppies had grown weak and broken out in fly infested sores after days of sitting beside the decomposing dog.

Shilpa took Panda in because she was the weakest and needed the most care. Wounds covered almost half her body and her back legs lacked the strength to support her weight. Everywhere she went for the next four weeks, Shilpa took a baby bag stocked with nappies, infant formula, a feeding bottle and medication on one shoulder and Panda’s carrier on the other.

Panda grew stronger and more confident every day with Shilpa’s expert, round-the-clock care. This month after turning eight weeks old, Panda went to her forever home strong, fit, and healthy.