Pinky – Blog

A lucky break for Pinky.

It was a lucky day for Pinky, when she decided to walk down the lane in Mulleriyawa where Tharindu lived. It was a painful walk because of the surgery she had undergone. Pinky lived on the streets and was getting on in years.

One day she was hit by a speeding driver who left her unable to walk with two broken forelegs. A compassionate passerby had seen her and taken her to a veterinarian. A surgery was performed to insert pins to support the bone that would allow her to walk again. After recovering from surgery, Pinky returned to the streets. When she decided to stop by Tharindu’s home, several days later, her pins had come loose and were poking through her skin. She hobbled up to his gate unable to go any further but it was just about far enough.

Tharindu called Embark at once and told us about the senior dog that was sitting at his doorstep and appeared to be in a lot of pain. Embark was able to pick her up and bring her to the hospital. Pinky underwent surgery for the second time. Recovery was slow and took several months. Her gait would always be unusual but Pinky was finally strong enough to live in a home. The process of finding a home for an adult dog is always a challenge but Pinky’s greying muzzle meant her chances were slim to none. She attended several adoption events where she was overlooked time after time. Finally, after a long waiting period, Pinky was adopted by the kind Mr Rambukwella and his doting family.

 Many dogs just like Pinky never have the good fortune of finding a forever home, simply because of their age. If you are considering adopting an older dog, please contact us on 0773960684 to meet some truly special dogs that are in need of loving homes.