Project Jaffna

Responding to a request from the Jaffna Mayor’s Office, the Jaffna project was launched in March 2014 with a sample dog count conducted by the Tsunami Animal-People Alliance (TAPA) and the Jaffna Public Health Depatment. The project covers the entirety of the Jaffna Municipal Limits (population 90,300), and focus on surgical sterilisation, anti-rabies vaccination, treatment and education.

The project is funded by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, Embark, TAPA, Dogstar Foundation and the Jaffna Municipal Council. All veterinary services will be provided by Tsunami Animal-People Alliance (TAPA), and all activities are carried out in close collaboration with local authorities.
Brigitte Bardot Foundation

TAPA Sri Lanka

Dogstar Foundation

Jaffna Municipal Council

Begun In July 2014 the project has sterilised 1,245 dogs and administered 1,387 anti-rabies vaccines. Field clinics have also treated animals for contractable diseases like TVTs or mange. Education programmes for primary and secondary children in public schools within the Jaffna City Educational Zone are schedule to begin in 2016. Further clinics within the Jaffna city are also scheduled for the first quarter of 2016.