Project Sigiriya

The project follows a comprehensive and sustainable approach to control the roaming canine population, eliminate rabies, and create a safe environment for communities, dogs, and tourists. Initially targeting locations with concentrated numbers of roaming dogs like the Sigiriya rock and surrounding areas.

Funded by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, Embark, and Jetwing Hotels Sri Lanka, the project partners with the Tsunami Animal People Alliance (TAPA) as veterinary service provider. All activities will be carried out in coordination with the regional Tourist Authority, Medical Officers of Health (MoH), and local Public Health Inspectors (PHIs).

Brigitte Bardot Foundation

Jetwing Hotels Sri Lanka

TAPA Sri Lanka

Begun In October 2014 the project has sterilised 1,266 dogs and administered 1,735 anti-rabies vaccines. Field clinics have also treated animals for contractable diseases like TVTs or mange. Education programmes for primary and secondary children in public schools within the Matale Educational Zone are schedule to begin in 2016