Sterilization and vaccination clinics held in february

Clinic in Anuradhapura

Embark, in collaboration with The Alliance for the Protection of Community Dogs and Animal Protection Trust, conducted a veterinary clinic in Anuradhapura. A total of 258 dogs were sterilized in Ruwanvalisaya, Ilippukulam, Wijeypura Cemetery and other areas in Anuradhapura. 311 vaccinations were done and 32 dogs were treated for skin conditions and 3 helpless pooches were treated for TVT. ( transmissible venereal tumor)

Mobile clinics

Embark successfully conducted mobile treatments, sterizations and vaccinations for dogs in the month of February. First mobile clinic for the month was held at Panadura/ Moratuwa area and a total of 6 vaccinations and 15 treatments were done and the other was held at Meegoda and a total of 78 dogs were vaccined and 53 were treated at Meegoda.

Clinics held in Embark HQ

We held 10 clinics at our head office in Jawatte road in the month of February where 227 vaccinations, 34 sterilizations and 75 treatments were conducted.