Why we need your help to Save Street Dogs

Sri Lanka has a street dog population that has been estimated to be between one and two million. Every day hundreds of puppies are born on the streets; many do not survive. Uncaring pet owners add to rising numbers by dumping their unwanted, sick or injured pets on the streets or in public places.

These dogs are not ‘street-wise’, without the knowledge to find food and shelter, most meet a prolonged and painful end.

Embark was created by Otara Gunewardene with the purpose of improving the lives of Sri Lanka’s street dogs. Building on eight tireless years of work, there is a still more than can be done for these street dogs. Several other welfare organizations have also joined the fight to save these animals but such efforts need to be supported with input from the Sri Lankan people, each doing their share to give the street dogs a better life.

Embark’s education and awareness programmes are designed to educate children and adults on important issues like dog-bite and Rabies prevention, while spreading awareness on topics relating to animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.  Embark also goes to great lengths to inspire kindness and compassion towards animals and to uplift the image of the street dog in the eyes of the public