Rescued, treated and looking for their forever homes

Each Tuesday, Embark carries out a free treatment and vaccination clinic for rescued street puppies and dogs at our Headquarters located down Jawatte Road.
Happy families at Adoption Day! Nothing makes us happier and makes our job worth doing than seeing lives transformed forever.
Our Team member from the the Field Team, Rashmika on one of his daily rescues; saving and rescuing sick and injured street dogs and puppies who will be taken to the hospital for treatment and recovery.

Compassion: Learn it, Teach it, Share it !

Embark is an organization dedicated to improving the wellbeing of street dogs through its rescue and rehoming initiatives whilst managing the population and preventing rabies through sterilization and vaccination programs across the country. Most of the rescues and treating of the injured are focused in the western province of Sri Lanka, but we do try our best to reach as many as we can in other areas. Embark has been at the forefront, influencing policy in relation to animals and playing a vital role in making a significant change in the lives of animals and people alike.

Fostering & Rehoming

Re-homing : 6, 077

Sterilization & Vaccination

Sterilizations : 28, 761
Vaccinations : 66,635

Rescue & Treatment

Treated : 33, 563

Education & Awareness

Over 6500 students reached

Looking for Love

Meet some of our rescues who are looking for their forever homes! Most were rescued as larger pups and required a longer time to recover but they are now ready to find their forever home! More mature dogs like them are harder to re-home but it still means they have the same love, joy and happiness to give you. They also have the same need for love and a home as any other dog. They will adapt to your home and family lifestyle easily. Please help us give them the happiness they deserve. These happy dogs are vaccinated, the females are sterilized.