Injured/Sick dogs

You can take the dog to a veterinary service provider. Click here to see a list of recommended vets-
If the dog is not in a condition to be transported by yourself, here are a few pet transport services and veterinary emergency services that you can use.

Distemper cases

Distemper is a contagious virus that is spread among dogs (does not affect humans). Coughing, breathing difficulties, muscle twitches and seizures, and lack of coordination are some of the most common symptoms. Best Care Animal Hospital and Rover Veterinary Hospital both take in distemper cases. Dogs that have contracted distemper need to be kept away from other dogs at all times.

Accident victims

For accident victims, we recommend contacting Best Care Animal Hospital, which offers mobile services, as well as rehabilitative care.

Abandoned Pups

If you come across abandoned pups, you can rescue them and take them to a nearby vet for a check up and to get the necessary treatment and vaccinations. You can foster the pups till you are able to find new homes for them. Please do not cage or chain the pups, and make sure that they are not caged or chained in their new houses as well. Please carry out a follow up visit once the pups have been adopted, to make sure that their doing okay. If the street pups are with their mum, please DO NOT separate them for at least 3 months. We also recommend sterilizing the mum before she returns back to the community. Ensure the person taking care of her is present to feed her in the future.

Pregnant dogs

Please provide them with food, water and shelter, until they give birth. Once the pups reach three months you can vaccinate and find them homes. You can also sterilize the mum dog.


At Embark, we recommend sterilization, as a way to avoid overpopulation of dogs in urban areas, which often results in an increase in animal cruelty. However, if you choose not to sterilize, and are unable to keep any new pups, please ensure that the dog is not at a risk of getting impregnated.

Recommended Vets
  • Best Care Animal Hospital (Nugegoda) –
  • Rover Veterinary Hospital(Battararmulla) –
  • Dog Care Clinic (Unawatuna) –
  • Dr S.S Gallage (Rajagiriya) –
  • Dr K.S. Kanishka (Veyangoda) –
  • Dr Iresha Rathnayake (Bandaragama) –
  • Dr Roshan Fernandopulle (Negombo) –
  • Dr Devinda Perera (Maharagama) –
  • Dr Suraj Munasinghe (Piliyandala) –
  • Dr Ishika Madushan (Colombo 5) –
Other organisations you can approach for support

Dog Care Clinic- Unawatuna
Dogstar Foundation- Negombo
Baw Baw Animal Welfare- Kurunegala
Animal SOS – Ahangama
We Care -Matara
Dogs of Ella- Ella

Emergency Services and Pet Transport for Injured Dogs

Best Care Animal Hospita
(Nugegoda) – +94117400800

Adopting a Street Dog

Check out our Facebook page or click here to see the pups available for adoption. You can also visit us at any of our Adoption Day events. Please click here to find out the dates for Adoption Day this month.

Vaccinating dogs

All dogs need to be administered the following two vaccines-
Anti-rabies vaccine
DHPL- for Distemper and Parvo.
These vaccines are administered by all animal hospitals and vets

Feeding Street Dogs

If there are any street dogs in your neighbourhood, you can feed them and provide them with some water. You can use a mix of rice, vegetables (pumpkin/beans/mallum) and fish/chicken. Please remember to clean up containers/papers and any remains after they’re done eating. Providing them with some shelter from the rain and the heat will also help them a lot.

Cases of Animal Cruelty

If you witness any cases of animal cruelty, such as a dog being tied up, caged or beaten up, please try to resolve it amicably, by speaking to the people involved. Currently there is no legal action that can be taken in such cases.

Relocation and Pet Boarding Services

A dog is a family member. We kindly request you take your dog with you and not abandon them if you are relocating. It is traumatising for a dog to lose the family he/she knows and they may become depressed or sick. In a worst-case scenario, we recommend leaving your dog with a family member or friend who the dog is familiar with and who you know will take care of your family member well.

If you are looking into the process of taking your dog to a different country, these are some individuals and organizations you can contact

1. Indira Sahadevan- Provides advice and guidance on the process (+94773445569)
2. Pet Express- Shanaka (+94772288181)
3. Pet Vet- Sajith (+94114362828)
4. Best care- Padmika (+94771454889)

If you are leaving the country for a short period of time, and want to keep your dog at a boarding, you can contact the following. Please ensure you speak to them and visit them to make sure you are happy with their services before handing over your pet

1. Bowwa Hotel
2. Raptors
3. Bark Street